Common Elements of Newsletters

Most newsletters have standard elements that identify it as a newsletter and make it easy for readers to quickly find information. The article, 12 Parts of a Newsletter, outlines the common elements of newsletters. You may also notice that these elements tend to be common amongst all periodicals. Your newsletters don’t have to contain all of the common elements, but it is helpful to viewers to find a common formation.

The Nameplate, for example, is the quickest way of identifying a newsletter. The nameplate is a quick reference for viewers to see at a glance who the newsletter is from and when it was published. This is usually standardized and doesn’t change with each issue. The consistency from issue-to-issue becomes the main identification.

Some other elements may be needed based on the content and size of the newsletter. If your newsletter is very small, 2-4 pages, you may not need page numbers or a table of contents because the amount of content is so small. The number of articles you include and their respective layout can also help in deciding if end signs are necessary. If your articles are clearly separated on their own end signs may not be needed.

The bottom line in choose which elements to include is to ask yourself if that element will help the viewer make sense of the information. If the answer is yes, then you need to include the element. Conversely, if the answer is no, you don’t need to include the element.

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