Traditional Book Design


Format: Traditional Book
Topic: Working with a client you will design a book for the Dr. Donald L. and Dorothy Jacobs Gallery’s 10th Anniversary
Budget: 750 booklets needed; maximum budget $1200.


This project will focus on concept development as you explore and narrow your focus from ten concepts, to three, and finally to a single concept. All concepts should support your initial research and brief. At the grid stage you will choose one concept to continue with color studies, type studies, rough designs and final output.

The text for the piece will be provided for you, however, you will need to take any photographs needed. You will be working with a client, so it is your responsibility to ask appropriate questions about additional needs and desires for the design.

Booklet Contents

  • Letter from Dr. Crouch (300-500 words)
  • Acknowledgments from Dr. Allen (300 words)
  • Essay by Dr. Juilee Decker (1,500 words)
  • From the Directors:
    • Essay by Christine Huskisson (1,500 words)
    • Essay by Karen Gillenwater (1,500 words)
    • Essay by Laura Stewart (1,500 words)
  • “Snippets” from the field, 500 -1,000 word essays by the following:
    • Joe Daun
    • Boris Zakic
    • Judy Apple
    • Ashley Darland
    • Irwin Pickett
    • Julian Robson (formerly of the Speed)
  • “Did you know” fact summary about selected works (5 images/100 words for each)

Project Contents

Final Submission

You will need to produce a hard copy of your project to submit with your process book. The technical composition should be flawless. Package your InDesign file and submit the packaged folder to the P1 folder on DropBox.