Experimental Booklet Design


Format: Experimental Booklet; eight pages, including cover
Topic: Graphic designers of the 1950s
Budget: a single booklet is needed; the budget is your determination


In 1951 the AGI (Alliance Graphique International) began operation as a professional club of the world’s leading graphic designers. Among their membership were many of the leading designers world-wide. You will be designing an experimental booklet that presents one of the AGI members of the 1950s. Your booklet should draw inspiration from your designer and the period.

This project will focus on concept development as you explore and narrow your focus from ten concepts, to three, and finally to a single concept. All concepts should support your initial research and brief. At the grid stage you will choose one concept to continue with color studies, type studies, rough designs and final output.

Copy for your booklet and any imagery needed may be borrowed from the internet, but must be cited.

Final Submission

You will need to produce a hard copy of your project to submit with your process book. The technical composition should be flawless. Package your InDesign file and submit the packaged folder to the P2 folder on DropBox.