Color & Type Studies

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View an example of type studies

As you consider the fonts and colors that are appropriate to your design, begin experimenting with different options. You should document each of your explorations even though your final choice will be only one of the many. Consider how each exploration with interact with the others and support the overall concept presented in the moodboard.

Before you begin choosing colors, view the psychology of color at the bottom of this page. It is imperative that your colors inject meaning about the brand, highlighting the core idea.

Minimum Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order to receive a grade of a B. To receive a higher grade, it is expected that these requirements will be exceed. View an explanation of how grades are assigned.


  • Color Studies: at least 10 different color palettes
  • Type Studies
    • Headers: minimum of 15 explorations
    • Body Copy: minimum of 15 explorations


Arrange your studies in a clear, logical manner. They should easily be viewable on your monitor for the one-on-one critique in class.


Psychology of Color by Tech King