Brand Identity Client Brief

Client Brief

Upbeat Cafe is a local cafe located in Georgetown, KY with great coffee, good food, and top-quality music in an atmosphere that is comfortable and friendly. This is a place to gather with the family or friends and enjoy a great lunch or light meal.


They want to establish themselves in the U.S. market and need a new visual identity. You have been hired to design the new identity that must have a strong national presence, work in all regions of the continental U.S., and stand out from the competition.

Target Audience

The target audience is male and female ages 18–50 who live or work within a 20 mile radius of each location. These customers are trend setters who appreciate culture, art, and local entertainment.

Brand Opportunity

The competition is perceived as a “cookie-cutter chain” lacking in personality and individualization. Your client’s research has identified a need for a coffee cafe setting that offers “local flair” with art exhibits and entertainment from local talent in each location. It must be backed by a recognizable and trustworthy national brand. Your client will begin with openings in Chicago, New York, L. A., and Atlanta. Then the second phase will roll out to other cities such as Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, Minneapolis, etc.

Extra Credit: Copyright & Fair Use

Earn up to 20* extra points! Design an 8.5×11 poster that explains fair use and copyright rules for design students. What images from the internet are appropriate to use? What type of image manipulation makes it your own?

Due by March 29.

* Actual points will be based upon evident effort and the use of design principals. A crappy poster will get you a crappy grade, but a C.R.A.P.–py poster will get you full credit.


Spend some time looking at your final logo and think of at least five additional adjectives that describe the style of your design. Don’t reuse the adjective you have been using as your “big idea”. You may need to break out a dictionary or have your friends describe your design to you without you telling them what you think first.

For Your Consideration

Market Segment

Research and describe your client’s market segment. What is the consumer demand in the market? What has been tried and failed? What works? Who are the leaders? Provide statistics.

Target Audience

Based on the target audience described in the client brief, expand your research to include their sense of style and beliefs. Brainstorm a list of likes and dislikes. Look for details in their buying habits and what they would react to in a positive manner. What appeals to them? What would they not be interested in?


Who are your client’s major competitors? How have they positioned themselves? Study everything you can regarding similar companies, their locations and their product and/or services. Deconstruct their identities and their meanings. Collect competitors’ logos, examples of collateral and advertising, and any relevant marketing materials.


What will separate your brand identity from its competitors? Consider shape, color and type and meaning.


What are your considerations regarding possible applications for your identity? What are the appropriate channels for reaching your target audience (packaging, vehicles, giveaways, Web site, etc.)? This is a preliminary exploration that you will refine after your logo design is finalized.