Brainstorming & Thumbnails

Now that you have detailed the direction of your project, begin to brainstorm concepts that visualize the needs and purposes you outlined earlier. Brainstorming can take the form of word lists and associations, quick 10-second sketches or written ideas. It is a record of your thought process. Brainstorming should be thorough enough to produce a minimum of 10 different concepts.

With the 10 concepts, create quick thumbnail sketches. The intended layout should be evident in the sketches, and you may need to make notes for what you intend to include in each section.

From those 10 sketches, choose the one that you think is the strongest and do one larger sketch. This sketch should be more in-depth and include different aspects of the design and details.

Minimum Requirements

  • Length: You should have a minimum of 10 different concepts that support your project brief and 1 larger sketch of your preferred concept.
  • Presentation: Sketches should be done by hand and included in your process book.