Basic Grid Layouts

Grids are organizational tools used to create structure on the page and screen. In a multi-page document they can create variety while retaining a cohesive design. Grids are not restrictive, but allow diverse elements to coexist. As you explore design concepts for your project, consider which grid best suits the objectives of your brief.

Consider the line-length that will be created by your column width. Structure your columns for readable text.

Minimum Requirements

  • Length: You should have three separate grid systems, each experimenting with different margins, number of columns or flow-lines.
    • Each of your three systems should have eight separate layout possibilities as you explore a diversified approach to your design. (This makes for a total of 24 sketches)
  • Presentation: Sketch your grids on graph paper and include in your process book.

Example Grid System

example grid systemResources