Artist Website Design

In this project, you will design a basic Web site that utilizes both xHTML and CSS. You will define site structure in a site map, and design the features and graphical layout of the home page and four lower-level pages.

For the site concept you will choose one artist, current or past, to use as inspiration. You may choose to use their artwork in the design, create a layout based upon their work, or draw from the artist’s persona. Any way you can draw inspiration from the artist and/or their work is acceptable, but the connection should be evident throughout your process.

Individual Assignments

Technical Requirements

  • Site Properties
    • consist of at least five pages
    • have configured META data (keywords and description)
  • Images
    • all images must be resized/resampled
    • all images must have ALT tags
  • CSS
    • utilize an external style sheet
    • define and use consistently at least 3 CSS classes
  • Links
    • use at least one mailto: link
    • use relative links within your site
    • use at least one absolute path outside of your site

Browser Support

Firefox will be our primary browser. All projects will be viewed in class and graded using Firefox, so be sure to double-check that everything is working and appears as you want in this browser.