Added productivity with my iPad: zaggfolio

Recently I scored an iPad from work. While it has been über fun to sit on my couch and serf the web instead of actually getting up and going to the office to do so, I was having a hard time figuring out what it added to my productivity at work…which it was intended to do. Yes, I have used it to test out the design and development of some websites built with responsive web design (RWD), but other than that it has basically been a connection to the internet.

ZAGGfolio for iPad

ZAGGfolio for iPad

Then I got a new case that has made it a production powerhouse: ZAGGfolio for iPad with Keyboard. It has already saved me a good deal of time with note taking and list making (which I do a LOT of). Typically I will take notes and make lists during meetings and then come back to the office and type them into Evernote to organize my thoughts better. With the ZAGGfolio typing notes during the meeting is so much quicker than with the built-in keyboard and I don’t feel like I’m always behind on the discussion because I’m trying to keep up on the keyboard.

Also worth mentioning is the amazing functionality Evernote offers for organizing notes and articles. I use it to clip web articles that I want to read regarding design and web development, as well as taking meeting notes, and making project lists. Combined with the ability to tag by departments the project is with, type of project, etc., finding content is a snap.

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