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Choosing a company for web hosting can be a frustrating experience! I learned this the hard way after making the leap from a basic xHTML site to the WordPress platform. The host I had at the time was completely unreliable after the switch and I found my site down much of the time.After much Googl-ing I learned that some hosts just aren’t able to handle WordPress.

I have tried out a few different sites for WordPress hosting and have been quite pleased with HostGator.com. My site is stable and reliable now that I host here. Another big plus is their customer service, which is excellent. Shortly after switching to HostGator I had a minor issue with my site performance. After chatting with a service rep online they were able to resolve the issue in a matter of minutes. What I appreciated was the real-time support they offered. Other sites require you to submit an online request and they follow up with an email hours or days later. When your site is down hours or days isn’t acceptable. HostGator is one site that understands that and really gets it right.

If you are looking for a host, I have a couple of discounts to offer below. If you’re unsure about hosting sites, use the first discount to get a month free and try out their services.

Host Gator Coupon Codes

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