Resume Design, Getting it Right

Your resume is often the first impression you make on a potential employer. As such, it is crucial that you present a clear, understandable, and professional representation of yourself. For those in the design field a good resume design is even more important as you will be quickly evaluated on your aptitude as a designer based upon one page. If glaring spelling mistakes or design crimes are present then your opportunity to connect is lost.

The most important element of good resume design is to be clear. Don’t over design in an attempt to exhibit your stellar Illustrator/Photoshop skills. Let the content take center stage. Present information clearly, logically, and always remember to leave enough white space so the text can breathe.

Easy, right? Not exactly…

Simple design is usually more difficult than elaborate design. A lot of consideration must go into editing out unnecessary elements and pairing down to only what is needed

A great way to learn what works and what doesn’t is to take a look at good design. CV Parade is a website that showcases really well done resume/cv design. Some are simple and straight forward while others have more personality. Look through some of the designs to get a good idea of common characteristics they share. What types of typefaces are being used? How many design elements are introduced? How is color utilized?

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