Digital Scrapbooking


It is important for designers to surround themselves with good design. We learn from and are inspired by others. (note: inspiration does not equal copying the work of others) Because we are often on our computers working and searching, a digital scrapbooking is an excellent way to keep track of and organize designs.

One of my favorite tools for scrap-booking is Pinterest. I allows you to create your own categories for organizing items and then collect, or pin, content from anywhere – the internet, your smart phone, your computer, etc. It has become a great way to work on projects. We are working on our new home and cataloging ideas on Pinterest gives me a place to collect ideas and know that I won’t forget what I saw (which tends to happen a lot).

I also use Pinterest to collect inspiring graphic design and logos from around the web. When I get stuck on a project I always come back to my design boards and look through them to glean some type of inspiration. I also have a board for design tutorials. As I come across tutorials to learn a new design skill I pin them for when I have time or need to utilize that skill.

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