AIGA Design Competition

What role do design competitions play?

AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts), the professional association for design, is launching a new type of design competition.Instead of relying entirely on visuals, they are seeing work accompanied with narrative that highlights the value of the design. It will be a showcase of design that matters. If you’re interested in joining, here are the details from their website.

Justified: AIGA Design Competition

Our competition for 2012, “Justified: AIGA Design Competition,” invites designers to submit examples from all media and communication design disciplines, in the form of images and a description of the work’s impact. “Justified” represents the next generation of AIGA’s competitions and seeks stories that reveal the value design created for the client.

AIGA believes its role is to reinforce all the dimensions of design:

  • Hand—the craft of design
  • Heart—the impact on the human experience
  • Head—design thinking and the creation of value

AIGA’s focus on criteria may vary in emphasis among these characteristics, but they will never ignore the critical contribution of each in any successful design.

Case studies created for “Justified” will communicate the power of design that’s brilliantly executed—that reveals the role of a designer in a project, the range of contributions a designer can make, and the effectiveness of design—to audiences beyond our own profession. “Justified” invites entries in all media and communication design disciplines, including books, branding, entertainment, experience design, information design, organizational design, packaging, promotion and service design.

We encourage you to participate; entries are due by March 31. This next stage in AIGA’s competition history will showcase great design while saying so much more.

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