Academy for Character in Sport

Academy for Character in Sport Website

Academy for Character in Sport is a non-profit organization promoting character growth and value education through collegiate sports. The audience includes individuals and organizations in the United States interested in character and sports. Organizations include elementary, middle, high school and secondary schools, particularly their athletic departments. Individuals includes athletes, parents of athletes and coaches. The Academy’s website needs to establish clear navigation and offer different types of media content.

Global navigation was established that differentiates and draws attention to different media types offered: video, photo, text. Through clear labeling it is clear what types of media users can expect on each page. Hierarchical and graphic emphasis positions the navigation clearly in the page layout.

To create dialogue on the topic of character comment areas were included on the blog postings and videos. The content presented by ACS provides one side of the conversation and the commenting capabilities provide the other side.

Vibrant and bold colors were chosen to keep in theme with other athletic related sites. Orange was used as the primary color to establish ties between ACS and its sponsor, Georgetown College. The orange also conveys a sense of energy and creative thought. Imagery of collegiate student athletes were used in the background to connect with the purpose of ACS.

The final site was published as a basic HTML/CSS website with minimal additions of Flash elements to display video and photo galleries. The site information is presented in an organized manner, making it easy to find information quickly.

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