Newsweek Cover

Newsweek Detail

Detail of Flocking

Newsweek Detail

Detail of Braille

80# Cream Cover, Flocking, Enamel

Widening scope of the law demands considerations of the blind in visual communication. Research revealed many options for dual communication to those with sight and those without. Options include audio components, braille and tactile materials.

Goal was to communicates to another of the five senses with the NewsWeek magazine cover using visual, tactile and auditory methods. Layout allows for layering of textures. The imagery of the flag has strong connection with American pride and war, allowing alternating blocks of color accommodating textures of metal and cloth, materials associated with war. Stenciled font for the headline represents typography often found on burlap sacks that transport bulk food. Heavy linen card stock represents cloth associated with military uniforms. The weight of the card stock was needed both to accommodate the raised braille lettering. Audio device was placed along the spine to prevent damage in shipping. When pressed, the audio recounts a brief overview of the cover story and teaser for a full audio story inside.

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