Clip Line

Clip Line - Front

Front View

Clip Line - Back

Back View

Clip Line - Inside Piece

Inside Package

80# Matte Cover

Clip Line are paperclips shaped as miniature clothespins. The primary audience consists of females who use a desk often: students, teachers or office workers. The product is bright, cheerful and nostalgic, playing to a woman’s sense of whimsy. Research revealed items requiring purchase of a separate container to store and access clips for daily use, as the original packaging is flimsy and difficult to open easily. The goal of this piece was to create a package that would also serve as storage.

The package is two-pieces: the inner box has a “clothes line” strung from either side and can be used as desktop decoration and storage, the outer box protects the product and has a clear plastic section in the opening to display the product.

The colors blue and green were used to inject a feeling of calm and friendliness. To instill a sense of whimsy nostalgia characters live there: a dog, child and mom. This package presents a mundane object, paperclips, in a bright and cheerful way. The colorful design and whimsical characters appeal to the primary audience of women and would brighten an office setting.

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