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As a start-up organization, Refuge for Women was in need of overall branding. Primary audience includes  potential donors and volunteers. They are men and women ages 18-60 residing within 60 miles of Lexington, KY and will likely have a spiritual background.

Overall layout in each piece is clean and simple. The visual identity guide is intended to be read on screen, necessitating the horizontal layout. Purple was used as the primary brand color for its references to value, royalty and wealth—all values the Refuge intends to instill in the women they help. To appeal to the diverse audience a serif and sans-serf were paired together to clearly brand the organization. A diamond was chosen to portray the same references as the color choices: value, royalty and wealth.

The final identity system has a clean and streamline design, appropriate for a professional organization. Each of the elements work together to create a cohesive brand.

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