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Table of Contents

Gallery Espresso Visual Identity - Logo Usage

Logo Guidelines

Gallery Espresso Visual Identity - Color Usage

Color Guidelines

Gallery Expresso is a Georgia-based café chain providing gallery space for local artists. Research showed that today’s coffee consumer demands both a quality product and experience; and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Gallery Expresso’s target audience includes males and females ages 18–50. They are socially aware trendsetters, appreciating culture, local arts and entertainment. Their style is both modern and eclectic. They value transparency and simplicity over corporate policies. They are creative, social and demand an atmosphere where they can work from laptops or relax and enjoy entertainment with friends. They are well educated and technologically savvy, having a moderate expendable income for food and entertainment. They are tourists as well as locals who want a place to go to for hours of relaxation and entertainment.

My goal was to create a fresh, cohesive identity to appeal to the audience of artistic trendsetters.

Because the audience is drawn to the arts I wanted to infuse the layout with strong color while maintaining a clean design that would speak to their moderns sensibilities. I chose a standard letter sized layout with a horizontal orientation. The standard size allows the eBrochure to be easily printed, while the horizontal orientation provides better on-screen viewing, preventing up-and-down scrolling.

To organize the eBrochure I chose to use color as a navigation aid, breaking each of the four sections apart with a different color scheme. To make the information as readable as possible I chose a sans-serif font because of it’s ability to be read more easily on a screen than a serif font. The typography combined with the use of color and a four-column layout provides consistent design elements that guide the viewer comfortably through the piece.
For visuals I incorporated images that convey the warmth and richness of the café along with young adults enjoying themselves in the setting. These elements combined with pops of bright colors create an eclectic and vibrant personality for the brand.

The product and branding elements are built upon the established color hierarchy, with orange being most dominate, accented with the secondary colors, and grounded by the contrast colors.

The final eBrochure has a clean and streamline design, appropriate for a professional piece. The use of color and imagery brings a sense of warmth and personality. All of the elements work together to create a cohesive brand and appeal to the target audience. The final piece was designed to be read on screen and succeeds in this measure. The horizontal layout and sans-serif fonts make for easy reading.

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