Gallery Espresso

Gallery Espresso Mailer

Gallery Espresso Mailer - Inside

80# Matte Cover

Gallery Espresso is a Georgia-based café chain providing gallery space for local artists. Research showed that today’s coffee consumer demands both a quality product and experience; and are willing to pay a premium for it. The target audience includes males and females ages 18–50. They are socially aware trendsetters, appreciating culture, local arts and entertainment.

The layout is infused with strong color while maintaining a clean design that speaks moderns sensibilities. A square design with panels folding out from each edge, requires recipients to interact with the piece. Imagery conveys warmth and richness of the café. These elements combined with pops of bright colors create an eclectic and vibrant personality for the piece.

The final mailer has a clean and streamline design, appropriate for a professional piece. The use of color and imagery brings a sense of warmth and personality. The folded panels require tactile interaction with the piece as the recipient unfolds each of the panels.

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