The Great Divorce

Great Divorce Book Cover Design

Great Divorce Book Cover Design

80# Cover

A dust cover for The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis, a work of allegory portraying the journey from hell to heaven. Goals were to represent the book’s choice between heaven and hell and the feel of “hell” as described as a “shadowy town where it always rains and the sun is always setting”.  Primarily for an audience of Christians in the U.S. and U.K., the most popular base of readers.

Blue and yellow, colors normally signifying calmness and joy, were given green undertones to create an eerie, unsettling feeling. Headlines are indicative of that usually found on a bus ticket. To contrast a lighter serif font is used for body copy.

Imagery was guided by the content with a textured background that looks very smudged and appearing as though raindrops had fallen on it. On the back cover subtle shapes of buildings in the background reference the shadowed city of hell.

The final piece was printed in full color on a heavy matte cover at 16.5 inches by 8 inches with a .25 inch bleed.

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